Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cleaning Your Home Appliances Without Hurting The Environment

No doubt, the market these days is pretty much filled with all sorts of cleaning solutions that are specifically designed to clean up any kind of mess or stains. Still, one should be aware that those cleaning solutions for home appliances are pretty much filled with all sorts of chemicals that, once released in the air, are polluting the environment and are not doing much good to the air.

With that said, in case you wish to keep your appliance cleaning eco-friendly and you do not wish to ruin the environment, chances are, you will be interested in some tips and tricks that could really help you benefit from the most effective options out there:

- In order to neutralize any unpleasant odors inside the fridge you can always place a container with baking soda. Still, this does not help in cleaning up the interiors of the fridge, does it? Well, you can actually grab a spray bottle and mix an equal amount of water and vinegar inside it. Shake the bottle and then use this mixture in order to clean the interiors of the fridge easily and effectively. Vinegar is very acidic and will deal with even the most difficult stains, but be sure to use a soft rug in order to avoid scratching the surface.

- Before you decide to call a technician, chances are, you should only clean up the dishwasher. What you can do is mix two cups of hot water with a half teaspoon of both castile soap and club soda and create a genuine all-purpose cleaner. This cleaner is great for any kind of stains and, more importantly, it will deal with grease and will make your dishwasher look and feel like new once more.

- There could be mold inside your fridge or dishwasher. It can be quite harmful when inhaled, so it is best to deal with it as quickly as possible. Well, you can mix one cup of water with a half-cup of hydrogen peroxide. There you go – you now have a natural cleaner. This solution will disinfect your appliances and will deal with mold in no time at all. Still, be sure to wear gloves when using it – the solution may at times irritate the skin.

- Some club soda and a squeezed lemon in a spray bottle is great for cleaning just about any kind of glass. That is right – the soda is perfect for the stains and lemon will easily deal with all the grease. Cleaning the glass is very frustrating and you should deal with the issues asap and this green alternative will help you get it done quickly as well as effectively.

- The coils on the rear of your fridge need to be cleaned as well. First of all, this will reduce the energy that your fridge will need to function and it will keep it working steadily for a longer time. In addition, by dusting it with a vacuum, you will keep the environment clean as well.

If you need more information or tips about cleaning your home appliances, Lerman Appliances will help. Please contact our Westlake Village Appliance Repair service representative to evaluate your issue.